Course curriculum

Whether you're looking for a full on class or somehting a little shorter, you'll leave each session a little stonger, more mobile, and better equiped to get the most out of your mobility training because knowledge is power!

    1. Hips & Shoulders - How they influence each other (40 mins)

    2. Exploring Toe Extension (42min)

    3. Hip Tension in Your Base Positions (42min)

    4. Mobility For Runners - A brief checklist (38 Mins)

    5. Relieving Neck Tension (31 mins)

    6. Spine & Shoulder Work - Using a chair (38 mins)

    7. Lower Body Work with a chair (41min)

    8. Making Your Spine Feel Good + Posture work (32 mins)

    9. Movement Sequences: What to know before you try them (40mins)

    10. Hip Strength and Rotation (43mins)

    11. Exploring Hip Tension in all our base positions (42min)

    12. Connecting your breathing and Spine (42mins)

    13. Taking CARs to the next level (42min)

    1. Owning Spinal Segmentation- Tall Kneeling to Dog (3min)

    2. Hip Impingement - Fix that shit (3min)

    3. Frog Stretch Variations (4mins)

    4. Shoulder Extension Drills (8mins)

    5. Quadruped Lumbar Segmentation (3mins)

    6. Exploring Your 90/90 Stretch (6min)

    7. Adding external Feedback to your Shoulder Swimmers, Hovers, PAILs/RAILs (5mins)

    8. Side Lying and Quadruped - Tackling Hip CARs (4min)

    9. End Range Hip Rotation - Crank it out (6mins)

    10. Hip Flexion Drills (3mins)

    11. 90/90 Variations and Modifications (3mins)

    12. Elbow/Shoulder PAILs/RAILs (3 min)

    13. External Rotation - Loading Your Shoulder Capsule (3 min)

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  • 26 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content

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